• Jessica Linighan

8 Easy Kitchen Organisation Ideas to Maximise Storage Space

No matter the size of your kitchen, keeping it functional and organised can be a challenge.

Whether you’re navigating messy drawers, small cupboards or just an overall lack of storage space, there can be a lot to contend with when you’re trying to keep your kitchen tidy whilst ensuring everything you need is still accessible.

If you’re starting from scratch designing a new kitchen or trying to make the most of the storage space you already have, smart kitchen organisation ideas are vital in ensuring this busy room of the house works successfully for you and your family.

We have the perfect kitchen organising solutions and ideas to maximise even the smallest of kitchens and make your space feel less cluttered and more comfortable!

Decant food pantry items

A big obstacle when it comes to organising food in a kitchen pantry or kitchen cupboards is excess packaging.

Dry food items like pastas, cereals, nuts and crisps often come in large bulky boxes or air filled bags that take up more space than the contents within.

This packaging tends to quickly fill up your food cupboards, making it difficult to find what you need and creating a cluttered and uninspiring aesthetic.

By decanting these items into clear, space saving jars or containers, you can save valuable shelf space whilst creating a pantry that is visually appealing and inspiring!

However a quick kitchen organisation tip before you start pulling everything out of your cupboards; First purge items from your pantry keeping the necessities and discarding anything that’s expired. Check out our

Utilise turntables on cupboard shelves

Organising kitchen cupboards can be a challenge, especially when the shelves are deep; items can easily get pushed to the back and get forgotten about, disappearing for months and even years!

Not only does this lead to food waste when items expire without ever being used, but it can also cause overbuying, when you purchase duplicates because you can’t easily see what you have in your kitchen cupboards.

A cheap and easy way to combat this problem is with turntables. Place taller bottles and jars on a turntable inside a kitchen cupboard and all you will need to do to find what you’re looking for is give it a spin!

You can place the turntables on their own shelf if you have the space, but if necessary, don’t hesitate to double up the space by placing some taller items or back stock items behind the turntables; you can easily lift the turntable and its content out of the way if needed.

Create ‘zones’ in your fridge

An organised kitchen fridge is not only a thing of beauty, it can help you to reduce the amount of food that you waste too!

Creating an organised kitchen fridge begins by setting out zones in your fridge for food categories e.g. vegetables, fruits, dairy, meat and add bins to contain items within each category, keeping items you use often at eye level.

You can even create a ‘leftover’ category or shelf within the fridge for items that don’t fit within the other categories - just make sure this section is checked once a week and old food discarded!

For ultimate fridge organisation, add labels to shelves, containers and drawers; this will help to keep you accountable on the days when you get lazy about organising.

Add drawer dividers

Kitchen drawers come in a variety of widths and depths and can quickly become disorganised and messy if items are left to scatter freely during opening and closing.

A really quick and simple way to keep the insides of your kitchen drawers organised is by adding expandable drawer dividers.

They are super versatile, allowing you to create custom sized sections within a drawer as well as being able to be moved if and when you change your organisation.

Well placed drawer dividers will hold items such as tins and jars in place and mark out clear sections within your drawer so you always know exactly where to look for an item.

Bring in baskets

Baskets are a fantastic storage solution and kitchen organisation idea for curbing the clutter and are just as useful in the kitchen as they are elsewhere in the house.

If your kitchen is small or you are short on cupboard or drawer space, why not use baskets on open shelves to store kitchen textiles such as tea towels, aprons or napkins, food or other kitchen items that need a home.

Select baskets that fit with your decor that will provide decoration as well as a functional space to store kitchen items. Have a look at our organisation shop for our favourite items.

Make kid’s items accessible

Keeping kid’s kitchen items organised can seem impossible but it doesn’t have to be!

If you want your kids to learn to fend for themselves (and clean up after themselves too!), dedicate a low drawer or cupboard to their stuff; that way they won’t need to ask where things belong before taking the initiative.

Your little ones will keep their items a lot tidier when there are more boundaries so add some drawer dividers or containers and even labels to make it clear exactly where everything goes.

Choose clear containers

There’s nothing worse than opening a pantry to have items fall out, or to simply not be able to find what you’re looking for without rummaging through a whole cupboard of food!

But don’t fear! This problem can be easily solved by adding clear acrylic bins to your pantry or food cupboard shelves to contain food items by category.

Not only will these clear bins make your pantry look pleasing to the eye, they will also make it highly functional. You will be able to see, at a glance, what food is where, allowing you to find what you need much quicker.

To maximise your pantry shelf space even more, opt for stackable clear bins which will enable you to fully utilise the vertical space in your pantry; store the items you use most frequently on top and back stock items in the less accessible bins.

Install upper shelves

If your kitchen is short on cupboard space don’t worry, there is a simple and stylish solution; shelves!

You can easily gain extra storage and display space in your kitchen by adding shelving onto blank walls.

Organise your favourite looking spice jars, crockery or recipes books on top or alternatively the ingredients and items you use most frequently when cooking.

This kitchen storage solution does not only maximise storage space in small kitchens; the open shelving look is super on trend right now too!

Time to deploy these kitchen organisation ideas

Happy organising! We hope you have fun implementing these kitchen organisation tips to maximise storage space in your kitchen. If you feel like you need some support in getting your kitchen organised and functional well don’t hesitate to get in touch today - Homefulness is here to help!