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Professional Organiser Training

Whether you want to train yourself or your house-staff to professional organising, we created two in-depth programs, packed with our expertise and industry-proven tips.

It is based on our own organisers' manual:
this is how we train our team to our highly effective design-centric approach.

Training sessions are organised in our offices in Central London, or at any location of your choice.

Program 1

Get Organised & Stay Organised

 4 hours

Flexible Location

£550 / participant

(travelling fee may apply)

Get Organised & Stay Organised

  • Decluttering 

  • The 5-step process to home organisation

  • Wardrobe organisation / Folding & hanging clothes

  • Kitchen organisation / Decanting a pantry

  • Playrooms and Children spaces organisation

  • Home office & paperwork organisation

  • Other spaces 

  • Organising special materials 

  • Identifying the right spot for every items

  • Space-saving tricks and storage optimisation

  • Label-making tutorial 

  • Space styling

  • Maintaining an organisation system

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Program 2

Become a Professional Organiser

  2 x 4 hours

Flexible Location

£1,000 / participant

(travelling fee may apply)

Become a Professional Organiser

  • "Get organised and stay organised" program

  • Working with team members

  • Contracts and insurance

  • Working with clients: communication timeline and protocols

  • How to run an initial consultations & site visits / Taking measurements​

  • Organising kits

  • Scheduling

  • Selecting & buying products

  • Products management & storage

  • Etiquette on the job

  • Returning products

  • Invoicing

  • Social media and advertising