Our clients say it best ...

I highly recommend Homefulness. I couldn't be happier with the results and the entire experience was the best. Caroline seamlessly and creatively organised two clothes closets and a utility closet in my house. She is completely professional and very personable.


Connie - Belgravia, London

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Being a full time active professional mum having a rational, organised and tasteful home is key to my well being. Caroline expertise and attention to details have been essential to making this happened. She and her team have listened, understood what was needed for our family day to day routine as well as respecting the look and feel of our place. I would strongly recommend Homefulness for anyone looking for a reliable partner to realise your dream.

Isabelle - Fulham, London

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Great taste and design skills. Did not waste any space and made all of it organised and pretty. Caroline is my closet and storage therapist.  Homefulness was creative with space–invaluable in a London home. Caroline has great style and a keen eye. I have and will recommend Homefulness to everyone I know who can afford it.


Lula - Chelsea, London

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Homefulness came with smiles and enthusiasm. I left in the morning with instructions to "do your best" and came back to an astonishing sight. Two closets, organised beautifully. Oils and vinegar on one shelf, spices (alphabetised, of course) and cooking stuff on another; all things baking on a third. The second closet was kitchen equipment, also beautifully organised, with PLENTY OF SPACE LEFT OVER! Kitchen cabinets reworked as well. I was convinced that they must have thrown out half my stuff in order to make everything fit so nicely, but in fact, there is nothing missing at all. They will change your life and make your home way better. 


Sarah - Fulham, London

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My son's bedroom has always been the most difficult room to tidy up. He has so many plush toys: I never knew what to do with it. I could never find boxes big enough and did not want him to have them all on his bed. Homefulness completely reorganised his bedroom and it's amazing. Legos are stored in stylish and convenient boxes, books and plush toys are so well organised that he loves putting them back right in the same spot! He is so happy with the display!


Julie - South Kensington, London

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I called Homefulness to take care of my "nightmare" closet, where we store everything we don't know where to put: we used to pill up everything there and close the doors as quickly as possible to make sure nothing would fall over!! 

Results speak for themselves. Can't wait to have more closets organised by Homefulness. Feels so good that we now open and close this one "just to have a look"! 


Marie - Chelsea, London

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