Tidy Desk

Office Organisation Services

We can organise and style any office: desks, home offices, open spaces, shops, storage spaces, small warehouses...

Our goal is never to “only” organise.

We create long-lasting organisation systems, recognising that a tidy work space is key to boost productivity and creativity. 

Homefulness is Your Professional Office Organisers

In an office, the goal is to create systems of organisation which make it easy for you to maintain and keep track of your belongings, so you can focus on your work. Having an organised office or home office space, where everything is easy to find - and pleasant to look at - will ultimately boost productivity.

Our office organisation company will consider your usage of each category of items to organise, but also the user(s) of each category and the storage space needed and available. Each office is unique, each office organisation is unique.

Our office organisers will always start with an in-person consultation to determine your specific office and home office needs

   Our office organisation method:

  1. In-person consultation*

  2. Plan & measure

  3. Purchase & organise storage

  4. Implement & style

* Virtual consultations also available

Our office organisation services are flexible and designed for your specific office organisation needs:
  • Decluttering 
  • Creation of office and home office organisation systems
  • Supplies, equipment and paperwork organisation
  • In-coming paper & mail long-lasting organisation
  • Supply of organising containers
  • Space optimisation
  • Space saving tips
  • Move into a new space
  • Downsizing 
Add-on organisation services