• Caroline Caron Dhaouadi

Tips for a mindful spring cleaning

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Spring is here!

It's almost time to hang up those winter coats. The season of flower blossoms, pastel colours, open windows and Easter egg hunting is upon us. With this comes the urge to freshen up after a long winter. And even if housework is not our favourite past time (how could it really be?), we have to admit that nothing feels as fresh and satisfying as a little spring cleaning. Besides there are many ways to make this a mindful activity. So, roll up your sleeves and let’s enjoy the moment.

We often associate cleaning with words like chore or drudgery, but cleaning can be a perfect opportunity to practice mindfulness: to be fully present with even the simplest tasks. What better way to create a relaxing home? Because yes, a clean and organised home allows the mind to quiet, and helps live more peacefully. That’s what Homefulness is all about and spring cleaning is just another opportunity to get organised.

And while applying mindfulness principles to cleaning and organising your home, you not only end up doing a better job (because you really think about what you are doing), you also learn how to find meaning in mundane chores and ordinary moments. You have to clean anyway, so instead of rushing through the task, use it as an opportunity to practice mindfulness.

Source: JulieBlanner.Com

Tips for a Mindful Spring Cleaning:

  • When you clean, just clean

Even Harvard researchers have found that we are happiest when thoughts and actions are aligned. As Jason Castro writes in this article for Scientific American, “A person who is ironing a shirt and thinking about ironing is happier than a person who is ironing and thinking about a sunny getaway”!

  • Put meaning in cleaning

Spring cleaning can be drudgery, but it can also be nurturing yourself and your family. Have the right mindset: by cleaning, you are taking care of yourself and your loved ones. Do your work with gratitude and compassion: remember to be grateful for what you have, for being able to clean or declutter. If you have kids: yes – they are messy, but you are grateful for them. Then remember you’re cleaning out of compassion: for you and the people in your life. This is your intention, and it will help you remember to be mindful.

Source: HelloGlow.co

  • Take a deep breath

You can choose your cleaning products according to their smell, or maybe try some aromatherapy while you clean (diffuse your favourite essential oils for example): lavender, citrus oils, or eucalyptus have calming properties.

  • Clear the clutter

As explained in our previous blog post, physical clutter can be mentally draining. Spring is a great time of year to sort through your belongings and decide what can be donated and recycled, and what is essential.

Your home should be the physical manifestation of your taste and organising does not mean to have your possessions stored in an awful cardboard storage box. Use pretty boxes and baskets using a palette of colours that you love. You will feel way more satisfied and happy to see what you have achieved. And if you don’t know where to start, where to find the perfect storage supplies or are just running out of time: just shout ! This is very precisely what we do at Homefulness !