• Jessica Linighan

Ten Benefits of Minimalism

The idea of minimalism has attracted a great deal of attention in recent times and it’s a concept that we at Homefulness love! Whilst being a minimalist to some can mean living without a car or having only five outfits to choose from, we see minimalism as an amazing tool to help free yourself of any unnecessary clutter and as professional organisers it is our job to help you with this! In return you can concentrate on the things that really matter to you, thus allowing you to feel more freedom, happiness, and satisfaction in your life. Read on to discover ten of the amazing advantages you will benefit from when you start practicing minimalism in your life and home.

1. Increased happiness

“Your environment, where you live or how you shape your surroundings, is the biggest, most important and most impactful thing you can do to favour your own happiness.” Dan Buettner- Bluezones. We couldn’t agree more! It is true that a minimalist home is a less stressful environment to be in; when you have fewer items in your environment not only is your space less cluttered, but your mind is too meaning you’re free to feel happier, more joyous, and less weighed down!