• Jessica Linighan

10 Tips For The Ultimate Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of year again; winter is almost over and with spring upon us you might be wondering how to tackle spring cleaning your home this year. We want to share with you our professional organiser approved, ultimate spring cleaning checklist, packed full of spring cleaning tips to help you organise your house for the new season!

A Systematic Approach to Spring Cleaning

Whether spring cleaning is an annual ritual in your home or you’re attempting to tackle the process for the first time, we know that the thought of cleaning and organising an entire home can be overwhelming, regardless of how many spring cleaning tips you read.

Our approach at Homefulness is simple; take it step by step, room by room, and remember, you don’t need to have organised every area of your home by June; just one project completed will feel better than 10 started!

Trust us; once you begin you may find yourself inspired to keep going and tick off every item on your ultimate spring cleaning checklist!

Whether you decide to keep it simple or go for a full-house makeover, be mindful that spring cleaning should be more than just ‘cleaning’. A spring clean is a great time to consider how your home layout, organisation and storage is working for you. We hope our spring cleaning tips inspire you to create a home you love!

1. Wardrobe

Wardrobe by Homefulness

A great place to start is with your wardrobe. We’re lucky to live in a climate that allows us the variety of seasonal clothing, however this can become a burden when the days get warmer and you’re fighting to find space amongst woolly jumpers for your new spring/summer buys.

To ease this space pressure we recommend going through your autumn/winter clothing and footwear and purging, removing anything that is stained, worn out or in need of repair. Then sort through your incoming spring/summer clothes as you bring them into rotation. Always try on items you’re unsure about before giving them wardrobe space and donate or sell on if they no longer serve you.

2. Fridge

A part of the home used so frequently, the fridge tends to be cleaned and maintained on a more regular basis than other areas of the home. However a spring clean is a great opportunity to give your fridge a deeper clean than normal and to implement some organisation for the future.

Empty out the contents of your fridge, discarding expired products and give the removable bins and shelves a deep clean in warm, soapy water. Invest in some clear fridge bins to group together similar items on shelves. Also consider washable refrigerator liners to ensure cleaning is easy to keep on top of throughout the year.

3. Pantry

Pantry by Homefulness

Yes, spring cleaning is about refreshing and renewing but it’s equally about assessing what you have. At this time of year it’s important to create space for the ingredients that will inspire your spring and summer cooking.

Removing all items from your pantry will enable you to check on everything that is being stored within. Items that are out of date or no longer usable should be discarded. Less frequently used oils may have gone rancid and herbs and spices open for longer than one year will have lost their potency.

Items that you rely on more throughout the warmer such as bbq relishes and sauces should be stored in the most accessible locations; items that are winter staples such as lentils and tinned soups should be moved to higher shelves. You might also like to take this opportunity to decant foods into glass jars for ease of use and a stylish look.

4. Junk Drawer

First off, don’t worry, everyone has one! At Homefulness we recommend sorting through and decluttering your junk drawer periodically throughout the year, however spring-time provides a good excuse to give it a deep clean and a makeover!

Empty the drawer of all items then hoover out any crumbs or dust and wipe clean. Discard, donate or relocate any items you no longer need or that don’t belong there. Everything else can be returned to the drawer but this time in an organised manner.

Why not use in-drawer organisers to group items such as cables, batteries, stamps or any other categories you come across in your junk drawer - every one is different!

5. Bathroom Cabinet

The bathroom cabinet can be another magnet for clutter. Every new shampoo, mascara or body cream that doesn’t work out can end up there regardless of whether it is going to be used again.

Start by getting rid of any expired items; whilst not all cosmetics have an expiration date, many products do state how many months they last after opening (look for 3M, 6M, 12M). Donate any unopened or in-date products that you will not use. Before placing items back into your cabinet, wipe down the shelves and consider some containment to help maintain your organisation going forward.

6. Bookshelves

Bookshelves by Homefulness

Post pandemic and the rise in reading as a hobby, your library may require some spring cleaning and organising. Start by organising any coffee table books and magazines, recycling any you no longer require.

On your bookshelves, decide upon a system of organisation for your books; alphabetise, sort by size or colour coordinate; whatever your aesthetic preference. Be sure to dust your shelves before placing items back.

7. Kids Toys

Why not spring clean your kids toy collection? Even better, get them to help! Keep only what your child actually plays with and try to prioritise multi-purpose toys than can be used in many different ways e.g. Legos. Invest in a storage system or small lidless bins that will make it easy for your kids to tidy up after themselves. We have plenty more tips on that here too!

8. Linen Closet

Linen Closet by Homefulness

Do you dread opening the door to your linen closet, scared you will be buried under a pile of overflowing sheets you keep ‘just in case’? It's true that the linen closet is often an area that is forgotten but this spring why not prioritise making your linen closet a functional, efficient and beautiful space!

Remove everything from the closet and clean the shelves to ensure your linen is placed back onto fresh and clean surfaces. Group items e.g. bedsheets, towels, blankets decluttering items that you no longer want or need as you go. This also includes items you no longer use; if you haven’t used it in the last 6-12 months, it’s probably time to get rid!

At Homefulness, we believe the key to a practical linen closet is coordination. We like to group similar items and then place the most frequently used items, e.g. towels and sheets on the most accessible shelves and the less frequently used items e.g. winter blankets or guest sheets on the higher shelves; but do whatever works best for you!

By folding all linen neatly you will save space and protect the condition of your linens. You can add labels to shelves to help maintain the organisation system going forward and you might consider using storage baskets such as these to help with containment of any smaller items on shelves.

9. Home Office

Office Organisation by Homefulness

No matter how tidy you are, clutter can quickly accumulate in your home office, from piles of paper to stacks of stationary as well as trinkets and memorabilia items. To spring clean this area, completely clear your desktop.

Give the whole area a thorough clean before considering what truly belongs there. Sort through piles of paperwork and create a tray for important items to keep. Discard or shred anything else.

Now return essential items to your desktop, remembering that a clear workspace is best for productivity! Now, empty drawers and group items, discarding anything that is no longer needed. Use drawer organisers neatly store categories of items e.g. paperclips, pens, highlighters etc.

10. Laundry Room

Laundry Room Organisation by Homefulness

Whether you have a whole laundry room, a laundry cupboard or a laundry wall area, give it some attention during your spring clean! might be more of a laundry cupboard or wall or area. Hoover under, around and behind your washing machine and tumble dryer.

Declutter your laundry by grouping your cleaning products. Take this chance to sort through your cleaning cloths and rags - discard any that have holes or are falling apart and contain the rest neatly in bins; you’ll be surprised how much joy a box of neatly folded rags can bring next time to go to clean!

Happy spring cleaning! And don’t forget, Homefulness is here to help!