• Alla Maniataki

Wellbeing at home: art

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Today, we explore another aspect of wellbeing at home: art.

Alla Maniataki, founder of Vincent & Frida, fabulous art history courses for children, tells us more about the importance of art in our lives and give us some valuable tips on how to choose art for our homes.

Do you have art in your home? If yes, what is it? Is it something you bought because it caught your eye, your child’s picture on a fridge, investment piece or maybe it is something that was passed down to you from your favourite grandma? No matter what kind of art you own, it probably evokes a feeling in you. It may be nostalgia, pride, pain, joy, curiosity, content, but there will be a feeling because that is what art does, it helps us to pause and to experience feelings. If you happen to have artwork that does absolutely nothing for you at all, please sell it or take it to a charity shop as soon so possible as life is too short to be surrounded by art that leaves you totally cold.

I am an art historian and now I cannot imagine my life without art. It is an integral part of me and it is always around no matter if I work or if I rest. This is actually a rathe