• Jessica Linighan

Walk-in Wardrobe Organisation Ideas: Tips, Hacks and Products

An organised and aesthetic home is a source of energy and inspiration and this couldn’t be more important when it comes to the wardrobe! Your wardrobe is an essential part of your daily routine and ensuring it's efficiently organised and functional can make a world of difference to your life.

Walk-in wardrobes come in all shapes and sizes and can include a combination of open shelves, hanging rails, cupboards, deep and shallow drawers as well as seemingly awkward to utilise spaces. Each one is different and it is important that you tailor your wardrobe organisation to your personal use and needs.

The key to great wardrobe organisation is to create designated zones for all your clothing and accessories. We present you a range of tried and tested wardrobe organisation tips, ideas and tricks to help utilise every inch of a walk-in wardrobe to ensure it lives up to its full potential whatever the size.

This client’s closet was what many of us dream of having to house our clothing and accessories; a walk-in space with plenty of storage! However, despite the large amount of space, the wardrobe was very disorganised and in desperate need of a system to function effectively.

We needed to determine a location for every category in the client’s inventory and then implement an organisation system that could expand and change with them in the future.

The walk-in wardrobe organisation tips, ideas, tricks and product recommendations we share here can be utilised in large and small wardrobes alike and can help to make even the smallest of spaces a ‘dream closet’!

If you’re wondering how to organise shoes in your wardrobe, how best to utilise low open shelves or how to ensure you can always find what you’re looking for, you should find an answer here!

Walk-in Wardrobe Before Professional Organisation: Disorganised and Cluttered

You will see in these before pictures that although there was space for everything inside this walk-in wardrobe, there was no clear system of wardrobe organisation in place. Many items of clothing and accessories were dumped on surfaces, whilst shelves and drawers were under utilised.

There was no categorisation in this wardrobe and the client found it very difficult to locate specific items when required. This was leading to overbuying as well as causing the client stress when getting dressed in the morning!

Our aim for this wardrobe organisation project was to overhaul the space by implementing effective organising systems, and ultimately create a functional space for the client to easily access all of their clothing and accessories and keep track of their inventory.

How to organise a walk-in wardrobe - our method

We began this wardrobe transformation in the same way that we start all of our organising projects; by removing everything! Every hanging rail, shelf and drawer was emptied and every surface cleared because the only way to create a fully effective home organising system is by having a clear idea of every item and category that needs including. Starting with a blank canvas is the best way to ensure that your new organising system will be optimised for your space and your needs.

Whilst removing items from the wardrobe, the team reviewed, sorted, and categorised all items and created a box of damaged items for the client to sort through and decide whether to keep or discard.

Our organisation experts believe that ‘everything in your home should have a home’ which is why we use organising products to create systems that are easy to maintain. Therefore, prior to placing everything back into the wardrobe we figured out what organising products would aid effective organisation of this walk-in space.

Organising clothing and accessories effectively in a walk-in wardrobe can require a combination of bins, baskets, slimline hangers, drawer dividers, shoe racks; the list is endless and really depends on the space you’re working with! This client’s walk-in wardrobe had a combination of hanging space, open shelves and drawers so we settled on a selection of products that would maximise storage and look great too!

We used pink slimline matching hangers as they were the preference of our client and fitted with the wardrobe aesthetic. Not only do matching hangers look more visually appealing; they are more practical too and are great space savers, allowing you fit more onto your hanging rails.

Shoes can be a difficult item to store, especially if there are many pairs. In this walk-in wardrobe the team created a shoe tower, utilising the height of the wardrobe. Removing shoes from their boxes can save you space (especially useful for those smaller wardrobes) and create a visually cleaner aesthetic within the wardrobe.

An accessories drawer was created to house all accessories in one easy to access place.

As the drawers were quite large in this wardrobe, the team used drawer dividers to create sections for different categories of accessory.

Bins are an excellent option for open shelving, and in this wardrobe we used a combination of large bins to contain file-folded items of clothing and smaller clear bins for hats and other seasonal items.

Products used to organise this walk-in wardrobe

Walk-in Wardrobe After Professional Organisation: Organised, Neat and Inspiring

After sorting, decluttering and categorising, we mapped out the wardrobe, designating a space for every item / category so that all of the surfaces would clutter free.

We stored the client’s most regularly used items of clothing in the most accessible drawers and hanging spaces, whilst utilising higher shelves and less easy to access hanging spaces for these items used less frequently.

We added baskets to open shelves containing file folded clothes and you’ll also see that we were able to free up some shelves to display hats and handbags which really helped in creating an uncluttered feel within the wardrobe.

Finally we used our label maker to label everything to help with the maintenance of the organisation in the future!

Our walk-in wardrobe organisation ideas paid off!With just a little hard work and some well placed organising products, we were able to get this walk-in wardrobe organised and functioning so much better for our client. We are delighted to say they were thoroughly pleased with our work.

How can we help you organise your walk-in wardrobe?

Whether your storage space is large like in this wardrobe or you are working with something on the smaller side, we promise you will be happy you took the time to get organised! Be sure to check out our Wardrobe how-to guide for some more in-depth guidance on organising your wardrobe the Homefulness way!