• Jessica Linighan

Ultimate Tips, Tricks & Ideas to Organise Bedroom Drawers

Hands up if your bedroom drawers are overflowing, disorganised or just plain messy? Don’t worry, it's a common issue that we come across time and again in our clients’ homes, but one that can be easily fixed when you know how!

Bedroom drawers come in all shapes and sizes and can be shallow or deep, wide or narrow, you name it!

Plus depending on the other storage options within your bedroom, the variety of items that require storage inside bedroom drawers can be wide-ranging; from bulky winter jumpers to small, delicate accessories.

With even the very best intentions, drawer spaces can quickly descend into a cluttered mess if no set organisation system is in place.

But by following a few simple rules along with some tried and tested space saving hacks, you can transform your bedroom drawers from cluttered to ordered in no time at all!

The key to getting rid of messy bedroom drawers for good is to start with a blank slate and only fill the drawers with items that belong there.

Bedroom Drawer Organisation Tips & Tricks

We present you 8 tried and tested tips from our organisation experts that will ensure you get your bedroom drawers looking and functioning better than ever before.

1. Start from scratch

The best way to implement a bedroom drawer organisation system that will last is to start from scratch.

You should start by emptying every drawer completely of its contents. This will allow you to get a clear overview of how much drawer space you have to work with as well as providing you a chance to take a full inventory of the items stored within.

You will also find it easier to take accurate measurements for organising products when the drawers are empty of their contents.

2. Declutter

With all items removed from your bedroom drawers, now is the perfect opportunity to do some decluttering.

Start by discarding or recycling any rubbish as well as damaged or broken items. Then gather together all of the items that you no longer need or wear and create a donation bag.

If you’re feeling thrifty you might decide to sell some items too; Both Cudoni and Vinted are excellent options for re-selling unwanted clothing and accessories.

3. Categorise

Post decluttering, it is an excellent organisation idea to take inventory of the items you plan to keep.

When setting up an organisation system for bedroom drawers, in our experience it works well if you can dedicate specific categories of clothing or accessories to individual drawers.

Categorise your clothing and accessories based on how many drawers you have in your bedroom as well as on how much space you have in each drawer.

Common categories we use when organising drawers include; underwear, pyjamas, active wear, t-shirts, light jumpers. Within each category you can colour coordinate items for a pleasing aesthetic once items inside the drawers.

When it comes to accessories, do the same! Group items in categories e.g. sunglasses, belts, cufflinks, hairbands and then colour-coordinate within the categories. Accessories tend to work best in the higher, shallow drawers, where they are most convenient to access.

4. Add Organising Products

Organising products are a must have when it comes to implementing a lasting organising system in bedroom drawers.

Organising products such as drawer dividers, micro organisers and clear bins will enable you to fully utilise drawer space whilst at the same time, create sections for separate categories or clothing and accessories to be organised into.

Always remember to measure the space before buying products to make sure they will fit and divide up the drawer effectively.

5. Be Selective

Your drawer space may be limited and depending on the dimensions of your drawers, you may find that your bedroom drawers are better for storing certain items over others.

If you have deep drawers, bulkier items such as jumpers and sweatshirts may work well file-folded. However if your drawers are wide and shallow, you may find it a better use of the space to utilise them for smaller items such as flat-folded t-shirts and accessories. If this is the case, you should prioritise your hanging or shelf space for the bulkier items.

6. Add Labels

A great way to get and keep your bedroom drawers uncluttered and organised is to add labels. They can be placed on the inside or outside of the drawers or both!

Labels can be especially important if someone other than yourself is putting away your clothing; items are far less likely to be returned to the incorrect location if your bedroom drawers are marked with labels stating what should be where.

If you’re organising your kids’ bedroom drawers why not get creative? Image stickers or stencils are a great way to label the exterior of the drawers allowing kids to easily identify at a glance, what items belong where.

7. Swap out items seasonally

To make sure bedroom drawers remain uncluttered year round, why not swap out clothing by season?

This ensures you won’t be rifling through thick woolly jumpers in the middle of summer or small strappy t-shirts when you’re looking for an extra layer on a cold winter’s day! Bedroom drawers will be far more functional and easy to maintain when they only contain items you’re actually wearing!

Any off-season items such as beachwear, skiwear, winter coats or sundresses, can be stored in the less easy to access spaces within your bedroom or wardrobe or if you have the space, in a loft, garage or basement.

Just be sure to store them in sealed bags or containers to prevent damage from damp, moths etc. Label them too so you can easily find what you’re looking for when the new season comes around.

8. Maintain your organisation system

Organising your bedroom drawers for the first time can leave you with a real sense of accomplishment.

However it’s no good having beautifully organised bedroom drawers for one week if the organisation can’t be maintained in the future.

That’s why It is vital that you set up your organisation system in a way that works for you; make sure the items you use regularly are the most accessible and avoid implementing a complicated folding system if it’s not something you feel you can keep up with on a regular basis.

If something appears to not be working, it’s better to refine it early rather than to let the organisation get out of hand. Our organising experts recommend conducting a quick 30 minute review once per month, where you can quickly neaten up an organisation that has started to slip.

It is also important to remain aware of and keep on top of any unnecessary clutter entering the bedroom drawers and to adapt your organisation system to include these items if necessary.

Need help organising your clothing and accessories?

At Homefulness we have supported many clients in getting their clothing and accessories in order, implementing systems of organisation that make selecting outfits so much easier!

Be sure to check out our wardrobe how-to guide for some more in-depth guidance on organising your clothing and accessories the Homefulness way. Whether your bedroom storage space is large or small, there is an organisation system that will work!

If you need help, don’t hesitate to get in touch - Homefulness is here to help!