• Jessica Linighan

Toddler Playroom Organisation Ideas: How to Organise a Playroom

As a parent of a toddler, you may think that organising their playroom is a futile task. It will only get messed up straight away so what’s the point?

Whilst this is true to a certain extent, implementing organisation in your toddler’s playroom will simplify tidy up time making it both fast and fun! When every toy has a place to be returned to at the end of playtime, you won’t need to worry about toy clutter overflowing into the rest of your home.

The key to great playroom organisation is to implement systems that motivate your little one to clean up on their own. Here are some of our favourite organising products and organisation ideas that will get and keep your toddler’s playroom tidy and organised. Whether your space is small or large, these playroom organisation ideas can work for you!

Best Playroom Organisation Ideas & Products

The best way to keep your toddler’s play space uncluttered for the long run is by implementing fun and rewarding organising systems that your child can easily learn and follow. If you’re seeking playroom storage ideas that will make both playtime and tidy up time a pleasure, here’s what you need to organise a playroom that will make you and your toddler happy!

Toddler friendly playroom storage

Whilst tall space saving shelves and cupboards may seem like a good organisation idea in a playroom with many toys to store, they can prevent your toddler from being able to put away things on their own. You should prioritise storage with low, open shelving that is easy for toddlers to reach.

We’re big fans of this cube storage. The units come in a range of sizes, so they can work in any playroom. The open shelves can be used to store larger toys or to accommodate bins with small items inside. We love that you can colour coordinate the bins to match your playroom decor too!

A designated ‘home’ for soft toys

At Homefulness, we are big believers that ‘everything in your home should have a home’ and this is a great lesson to teach your toddler when it comes to their toys.

Soft toys can take up a lot of space, so why not give them their own home in the playroom? A cute tipi can serve as the perfect location to store soft toys whilst adding a fun and playful aesthetic to the room.

Come tidy up time, when you ask your toddler to return their soft toys to their ‘home’ they will know exactly what to do!

Baskets to store toys

Containment is key when it comes to keeping toys in your toddler’s playroom organised. Open top baskets are a great option as they are super accessible for your toddler.

Choose baskets to fit in with your playroom decoration. You may decide to go bright and colourful, neutral or something in between like this embroidered sisal basket.

Be sure to select a range of sizes so that even the bigger toys can be contained. Scatter the baskets around the playroom or place them against one wall; whatever works best for your room layout.

Storage sofa

If you think you have too many toys to organise in your toddler’s playroom or if you’re just short on space, fear not! This storage sofa is a genius hack when it comes to getting a cluttered playroom in shape.

Store jigsaw puzzles or boxed games inside it or use clear bins to group and categorise smaller items within. The bench can be used as seating at a table for arts and crafts activities, eliminating the need for chairs that might otherwise clutter up the space.


One of the most effective ways to bring organisation to your toddler’s playroom and ensure that it’s easy for them to tidy up after themselves is by adding labels.

These lovely illustrated labels are perfect to label baskets, bins and drawers and will help your little one to independently put their toys away when they’re finished playing with them. Your toddler will feel a great sense of achievement at having tidied up without the help of mum or dad!

Library corner

Give your little bibliophile an organised place to read with their own playroom library corner. The

beautiful illustrations and colours of children’s books can bring a wonderful appearance to the playroom when displayed nicely on a toddler friendly bookcase.

Storing books upright and at eye level makes it easy for your toddler to choose their favourite titles whilst having the added benefit of keeping the books in good condition.

Try colour coordinating your display too; as well as looking great, this will also provide a fun game come tidy up time!

Personalised toy box

Why not treat your toddler to a personalised toy box. Not only do they look adorable in any playroom, but your child won’t be able to get enough of putting their toys back into their box!

Personalised toy boxes also work great if you have more than one child sharing the playroom. Providing each child with a designated space for their own toys gives them ownership over the care of their own belongings and can prevent fighting when it comes to putting toys away.

Why not make a game of it? Time your child to see how quickly they can get their toys back into their box - make it race if you have more than one child!

Out of reach arts and crafts storage

Having accessible playroom storage is a great idea for many toys, allowing your toddler to take out and out away items independently.

However there are certain items that you won’t want your child to be able to get hold of whenever they fancy; things like glue, paint, pens, glitter.

To prevent your little one getting their hands on these things, store them high on shelves or inside a cupboard where only you can reach them.

These clear bins look great on high open shelves, whilst a carry caddy is an excellent idea for organising arts and crafts items by category. Simply lift the supplies down when it’s craft time, and relax knowing that these items can be safely stored away after.

How Will You Organise Your Playroom?

We hope you have found our essential tips and tricks for organising your toddler’s playroom useful and that you’re feeling inspired to implement for organisation in your little one’s playroom!

An organised home is a happy home and we know you won’t regret bringing some organisation and a bit of order to tidy up time! If you need some help, inspiration or advice on getting your child’s playroom organised, don’t hesitate to get in touch, Homefulness is here to help!