• Jessica Linighan

Bedroom Organisation Hacks for More Storage in Small Rooms

Is limited storage space in your small bedroom getting you down? It’s a problem we’re coming across more and more in our client’s homes, but with a bit of creativity and a few clever hacks, one that’s simple to overcome!

How do you organise a lot of things in a small room?

Thankfully, there are many ways to make limited storage space in the bedroom work for you, and here we bring you 10 of our favourite tried and tested bedroom organising hacks to get even the smallest of bedrooms in order.

The following bedroom organising solutions for small rooms are both stylish and functional, allowing you to get creative with how you store your belongings, whilst most importantly, maintaining a sense of style and aesthetic.

Start by decluttering

As professional organisers and interior experts, we know that the best place to begin the journey of organising your small bedroom is with some decluttering.

Step back and take a look at your bedroom in its entirety, taking an inventory of all the items contained within. Anything that doesn’t belong in the bedroom as well as items that need donating or discarding should be removed, allowing you to see clearly the items that need a home.

Remember, the more decluttered your bedroom is, the neater and bigger it will look! Check out our Ultimate Decluttering Guide for some professional organiser approved tips on decluttering your home and bedroom.

Make your bed work for you

Beds are usually the largest piece of furniture in the bedroom, and in a small bedroom they can easily take up the majority of the floor space. That’s why it is vital to make your bed work for you in terms of storage space!

Under bed storage is often wasted but that needn’t be the case; there are a number of options when it comes to beds that provide storage solutions including platform beds, ottoman storage beds and Murphy beds.

Platform bed

If you don’t mind having a slightly raised bed, then a platform bed could be your solution to limited storage space. These beds provide storage beneath in the form of drawers and shelving and can provide a home for items such as clothing and books without taking up too much space.

Ottoman storage bed

If you want a more traditional looking bed with secret storage, a lift-up storage bed could work well in your small bedroom. This type of bed will provide easy access under the bed storage, perfect for organising anything from clothing, to shoes to bed linen.

Fold-down Murphy bed

If you’re willing to consider something a little more novel, then a murphy bed may be the solution you’re looking for? This space saving bed can be folded away when not in use freeing up the floor area; perfect when space is at a premium.

Install clever shelving

Another bedroom organisation hack to consider if you want to up your small bedroom storage potential is making the most of underutilised space within the room.

One area we often forget to use is the vertical space above the bed close to the ceiling which is perfect for high level shelving. Installing shelves in this space can double your storage space, accommodating books, small storage boxes etc. This will free up lower level storage for items that need to be accessed more easily.

Double up seating and storage

When space is limited, it’s always a good idea to seek out multi-purpose storage solutions. In a bedroom, a great way of doing this is to double up seating with storage.

There are many stylish ottoman benches and footstools out there which will add not only to the storage capacity of your space but the style and aesthetic too!

Depending on the size of your room you could choose a storage bench to place at the end of the bed or a storage stool to double up as a dressing table seat.

Use drawer organisers to make the most of storage space

Even if your bedroom storage space is limited, it doesn’t mean you don’t have enough space to keep everything you own in an orderly manner.

In a bedroom short on storage space, drawers can easily become overstuffed if no system of organisation is in place. Try file-folding your clothing to save space and add drawers dividers to ensure your folded clothes stay stacked.

You could also utilise micro organisers inside bedroom drawers as a way of grouping together smaller items.

Store extra blankets and clothing in protective bags

Out of season clothing and blankets can take up a lot of space in a small bedroom when they’re not in use, but if you’re smart about storing these items, you can free up tons of space in your bedroom.

Placing these items into protective bags will keep them safe from dust, whilst choosing bags with handles, a place for labels as well as see-through panels will help you to know exactly what is inside. Think high wardrobe shelves or under the bed area for storing away these items.

Add storage containers to shelves

Calm the visual noise in your bedroom by hiding magazines, papers, electronics and any other items that can make the space feel cluttered. Although these items may seem small, together they can create mayhem in a bedroom.

Categorise these items and place them inside storage cubes, boxes or baskets that fit with the aesthetic of your bedroom. Measure the containers before buying to make sure they will fully utilise the vertical space when placed on your shelves.

Don’t forget to add labels so you can easily find and put away items in the correct location.

Make your mirror double up as a jewellery organiser

Maximising wall space is a must when you’re working with limited storage space in a bedroom.

Another multi-purpose piece of furniture is a mirror that doubles as a jewellery organiser. It’s a fantastic bedroom hack that is practical, fun and functional! We love this one.

Consider a floor to ceiling wardrobe

If your bedroom space doesn’t allow for a walk-in wardrobe due to limited floor space, why not have a floor to ceiling one instead!

Floor to ceiling wardrobes are the most space efficient way of giving all of your belongings a place, fully utilising the vertical space and offering high shelves for out of season items.

Depending on budget, you can choose custom joinery that utilises the full wall space, or why not set yourself the challenge of creating a DIY floor to ceiling wardrobe by yourself?

Either way this bedroom hack will ensure all of your clothing, shoes and accessories have a home!

Hide your shoes

When it comes to small bedroom organisation ideas, shoes feature at the top of the list of things that need to be dealt with.

Without dedicated shoe storage in place, shoes can quickly take over the floor space of a small bedroom, or can infiltrate every cupboard, underbed and shelf space.

That’s why a dedicated shoe cabinet is our favourite way to solve shoe storage woes. This cabinet is perfect for storing shoes and clearing floor space.

Need help organising your bedroom?

All of these bedroom storage hacks are great but you shouldn’t feel the need to cram everything into one tiny room as this would be counterproductive.

Sometimes the best storage hack is having someone else do all the work for you. That’s where Homefulness comes in!

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you feel that the implementation of some systems of organisation is what your space needs - we’d love to hear from you!