• Caroline Jones

Ideas for an eco-friendly spring clean

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

We already talked about spring cleaning on this blog. It was a little while ago, and we gave you some tips for a mindful spring cleaning.

Today, we’d like to go way further and discuss eco-friendly spring cleaning, with the amazing team behind MadeKind.

By Caroline Jones, Co-Founder of MadeKind

Spring is the perfect time for cleaning. The warmer, brighter sun gives us more energy, and also shines a light on how dusty our homes have become over winter. Here are our top tips for an eco-friendly spring clean.

Keep it chemical-free

If spring means throwing open your windows to let the fresh air in, the last thing you want is to fill your home with fumes from chemical cleaners. So use chemical-free products wherever possible, such as MadeKind’s range of natural, non-toxic multi-surface, floor and bathroom cleaners, which will keep your home fresh and hygienically clean. They are also packaged in our beautiful amber glass bottles with easy to store refill options, which means your cleaning cupboard won’t be stacked full of plastic.

Have a good clear out

Spring cleaning is a great opportunity to have a good clear out of unwanted clothes, books and toys. Emptying cupboards, boxes and drawers that have been stuffed full of things you don’t need all winter is an enormous joy. It literally makes you and your home feel lighter. Recycling is a great way to give pre-loved items a new life, and lots of charities are accepting quality donations via post, such as British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research and Oxfam.

Remember that as professional organisers, Homefulness can help you declutter and re-organise anything in your home.

Switch to planet-friendly accessories

Why not make it your new season’s resolution to stop buying disposable and microfibre cleaning cloths, and choose planet-friendly options instead. Disposable cloths are made from synthetic materials which do not naturally degrade, and scientists believe microfibre cloths shed tiny plastic fibres into our water supply. A more environmentally friendly alternative is organic cotton cloths and wooden brushes, like our MadeKind range of kitchen accessories. These not only look beautiful and feel good when you use them, they are kinder to our planet too.

Go for cleaner air

When you’ve finished the big clean, how will you keep your home smelling as fresh as a spring daisy? House plants not only look beautiful (when we remember to water them), they also act as a natural air filter by removing toxins. They are even thought to improve your mood, reduce stress, and increase productivity (see Homefulness guide on how to choose plants for every room in your home) . According to the Royal Horticultural Society, spider plants, dragon plants and bamboo palms are ideal for improving indoor air quality. Another way to freshen up the air inside your home is to fill it with the natural perfume of essential oils. MadeKind’s Unwind candle is made with sustainable soy wax and scented with a blend of rose, jasmine and ylang ylang essential oils. The perfect treat to reward yourself – and your home – after a big spring clean.

The story behind MadeKind, by Founders Caroline & Anita.

We had so many reasons for bringing MadeKind to life. We’ve been friends for over 10 years, and started out as fashion buyers and merchandisers for high street brands. Working in this industry opened our eyes to the impact fast fashion has on the environment. It’s definitely changed the way we think about what we buy, particularly since having children.

We’ve always talked a lot about the effects of harsh chemicals on our children’s health, which we believe were the cause of regular headaches and outbreaks of eczema. The toxic chemicals in household cleaners get into our waterways killing precious aquatic life and wildlife. We’ve also felt increasingly uncomfortable with the amount of plastic packaging that we use and supposedly recycle, but a lot of which still ends up in the ocean.

All of this fed into our idea for safe but effective natural cleaners in non-plastic bottles – and bottles that look beautiful on a kitchen counter too!

Caroline & Anita x