• Caroline Caron Dhaouadi

Give your home a cosy autumn vibe

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Weather in London sent us a clear message this week: summer is over. Even if temperatures are still quite easy on us, we have to face it: the amount of daylight is slowly but surely decreasing, wardrobes need to be updated and it’s probably time to pack away any summer-ish accessories we might have used to enhance the long summer nights in our home… but autumn is also a beautiful season and we love the cosy feeling it can give to a house.

That’s why this is the perfect time to redecorate and give your home a seasonal update.

Below are Homefulness top tips to give your place this nice and cosy autumn vibe.

Cosy autumn vibe - Homefulness
Source: Janelle Trinette

1. Add in some moody colours

The best way to start is to switch up your colour pallet to get in some of those gorgeous, warm autumnal hues.

Add fall-inspired hues as accents, like dark reds, deep greens, gold accents, and earthy tones. The best way to do this is soft furnishings: rugs, cushions, or bedding.

Don’t hesitate to add a few scatter cushions and pile up the throws.

2. Make an autumn corner

If you don’t feel ready to change your entire home atmosphere yet, you can start with only one corner.

Make it on a stair, on top of a cabinet or a table and decorate it with lampions, autumn plants, pumpkins, neutral dreamy objects and other items in the fall colours.

Seasonal plants - Homefulness
Source: Pinterest

3. Add seasonal plants

It's all very Scandi, the idea of bringing the outside in during the cooler months, and it works very well to change the vibe of a room.

If you love plants and flowers, surround your home with the ones you can find in the beautiful autumn. Choose leaves, branches, pumpkins and other orange-tinged foliage that offers up autumn vibes.

You’ll find here a list of plants that will offer amazing autumn colours.

4. Display pumpkins

From the dreamy neutral pumpkins to the orange ones that will appear everywhere as we get closer to Halloween, you can make pumpkins your main decor objects.

Besides your porch or balcony, don’t hesitate to add them inside your home, on the living room table or on top of the fireplace.

Combine acorn string lights with mini pumpkins in a shallow rustic dish and you’ll have an instant centrepiece on your dining table.

White pumpkins - Homefulness
Source: Lonny

5. Switch your home fragrance

As trees shed their leaves and the nights draw in, we turn to the warming scents of pumpkins, cinnamon, berries, bonfires, fallen leaves, and cinder toffee to cosy-up against the gathering gloom – filling our homes with the nostalgic and comforting scents of autumn.

Here is a list of inspirational home fragrances to fill your home this autumn:

Never forget that autumn is a time for cosiness and simplicity.

As always, baskets, trays, boxes, and the like are great ways to corral your stuff, but you can also purge different areas of your home to be more simplified.

Contact Homefulness if you need any help setting up an organisation system that will be design-centric and look stylish as well as seasonal.