• Jessica Linighan

Our Favourite Organising Products For The Laundry Room

Discover our favourite organising products and hacks to create your laundry room of dreams!

Does laundry come top of the list of your least favourite chores? We get it… but have you ever considered that this might be due to the set up of your laundry room? These spaces are functional by nature and are often bottom of the list for an upgrade, which is odd when you think about it, considering the vital role that they play within our daily lives!

At Homefulness we have taken great pleasure in transforming many of our clients' laundry spaces from drab and cluttered to fresh and inspiring with just a few choice laundry room products and a bit of professional organisation!

If your home isn't blessed with a large laundry room, don’t worry, we have plenty of practical and versatile laundry room storage solutions that will make any laundry area more efficient.

From containers for neatly storing cleaning products, space saving hacks and dirty laundry solutions, the following list of our favourite tried and tested laundry room organising products will help you to make the most of the space you do have, whether that be a small nook, a couple of cupboards or a whole room!

You’ll be surprised; just a few simple and cleverly selected products will transform your space and make laundry day something you can look forward to!

Best Laundry Room Organisation Products


Baskets are your laundry room organisation best friend! They are versatile and can be used on open shelves and surfaces to store a range of laundry room items; think one for cleaning cloths, another for hoover accessories, one for a sewing kit.

Baskets will help you to group and categorise items bringing efficiency and order to your laundry space whilst looking great too! Just remember to add labels; this will help you to maintain your organisation.

Check out these baskets made by Curver. The design is simple yet attractive and we have found them to be highly durable; an important consideration in a laundry room where they will be handled often.

These versatile baskets come in a range of colours and sizes and are stackable too which is useful if you’re short on space!


Homefulness home organisation is all about luxury; why not add a bit of luxe to your laundry supplies by decanting them into attractive jars.

You can decant washing powder, washing tablets, softener and scent boosters from their bulky packaging into more manageable glass jars. Not only do these look great on open shelves, you will also feel pleasure using them every time! Just be sure to keep the jars safely out of the kids’ reach.

We’re big fans of jars that come already labelled with gorgeous stickers; go on, treat yourself!

Three Section Laundry Cart

Looking for a way to organise your laundry space and make washing day easy? Then this three section laundry cart is just the ticket.

We fell for this sleek cart, as it’s the perfect combination of style and practicality! Utilising a three-piece hamper is an excellent way to bring order and organisation to any laundry space.

Picture this; your kids can toss their whites, darks, and colours into the designated hamper at the end of each day, eliminating the chance of random piles of dirty laundry building up on the floor. Plus, come laundry day, you’ll save time as your washes will already be pre-sorted by colour.

Ironing Board Hook

This laundry room hack is so simple you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it sooner! Provided you have a blank wall in your laundry area, you can hang your ironing board using an ironing board hook.

It’s such a smart way to save space and safely store your bulky ironing board. Plus the shelf on top provides perfect storage space for your iron - win, win!

In-Cupboard Organisers

With the huge array of laundry and cleaning products available these days, we know that, behind laundry room cupboard doors things can easily get to be a bit of a mess.

That new fabric softener may seem like a good idea at the time, but squeezing it into the cupboard alongside five others can sometimes pose a challenge if no organisation is in place.

Our expert opinion is that the best way to maintain organisation inside laundry room cupboards and drawers is by grouping similar items together inside clear containers or on turntables. Whilst clear containers left out on shelves or surfaces can end up looking cluttered, they work well inside cupboards allowing you to easily identify what’s inside.

Turntables are useful for larger, heavier items, ensuring you can easily see what is stored at the back of the cupboard without having to lift anything out. As an example, you may use one container to store all floor polish, another to store laundry care and a turntable to store all bathroom cleaning products. Again, it’s important to add labels to ensure items can be easily returned to their correct place.

Wall Mounted Drying Rack

A great space saving hack we like to use at Homefulness is to install a wall mounted drying rack inside a laundry room. Whilst a drying rack is an essential part of any laundry area, they are often bulky, unsightly and difficult to store.

What we love about this drying rack is that it expands outwards when you need it and can be neatly tucked away after use allowing for a clear and uncluttered laundry space.

Be sure to take measurements before installing; both of the wall the rack is to be attached to and the space it will take up once folded out.

Peg Board Wall

We know it can be very easy for the laundry area to quickly turn into a disorganised dumping ground when no organisation system is in place. Endless bits and bobs can end up here, temporarily cluttering up the space and making it feel messy.

At Homefulness, one of our favourite ways to deal with these bits and bobs is by utilising a peg board to act as a temporary home. Find a blank wall in your laundry room and attach a peg board to serve as a place to corral all those miscellaneous items that end up here. Once a week, set aside five minutes to go through the board and declutter.

Tension Shelf

Do you ever feel like you’re short on hanging space when you’re doing the ironing and end up hooking shirts over door handles and knobs? We feel you!

You may have heard of a tension rod but have you heard of a tension shelf? They are an excellent way of utilising that awkward space in a laundry room; Install one between two cupboards or a cupboard to create a designated space for hanging items after ironing or whilst steaming.

What’s great about a tension shelf as opposed to a tension rod is that you gain a whole level of extra storage; great for folded laundry or spare towels. Just remember to measure your space first!

Broom and Mop Holder

There’s nothing more annoying than opening up a cupboard to have all the mops and broomsticks fall out on you! You may be wondering how on earth do you organise brooms and mops?!

That’s where this broom and mop holder comes in handy. Simply attach it to a wall or even the back of a door and slot in all your mops and brooms. This stainless steel option is our favourite one of its kind because in addition to clips, it also has hooks for hanging smaller brushes and rags. Simply yet highly effective!

How will you organise your laundry room?

We hope you have found these laundry room products recommendations useful and that you’re feeling inspired to give your laundry space a makeover, whether big or small! Having an organised and aesthetic home is a source of energy and wellbeing and we know you won’t regret bringing some organisation and a bit of luxury to laundry day!

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to find out more about what we do - Homefulness is the team to get you sorted!