• Caroline Caron Dhaouadi

Create and organise a welcoming kitchen

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Thinking about the impact your home may be having on your health and wellbeing is an important, yet often overlooked, consideration that good design and organisation can address.

Your kitchen and dining area is likely to be the social hub of your home, so creating a space with a feeling of wellbeing and which allows for positive social interaction is key. Strengthening connections with family and friends is the key to human happiness, so prioritise creating a welcoming and easy-to-use dining space, where the whole family can gather on a regular basis to sit, eat and share stories or experiences of the day. It sounds simple, but making sure everyone has plenty of room to get in and out, and sit back after a hearty meal, makes all the difference!

Besides, in the UK adults cook for an average of 72 minutes a day. For this reason alone, it's worth making sure your kitchen is an enjoyable, comfortable place to be. Doesn't a cosy kitchen sound better than a stark, medical-feeling kitchen? But be careful: cosy should never mean cluttered.

You’ll find below Homefulness top tips to ensure that your kitchen is the heart of the home, where the party really is.