• Caroline Caron Dhaouadi

An organised playroom is beneficial for your kids

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

An organised room can help prevent kids from becoming frustrated, anxious, and overwhelmed.

As explained in an article published by Reuters Health News, kids get overwhelmed with the number of toys in their spaces and frustrated when they cannot find what they need. Besides, they cannot learn how to focus with too much visual distraction.

Researchers at the University of Toledo in Ohio, USA, found that youngsters were far more creative when they had fewer toys to play with. They also play with each for twice as long, thinking up more uses for each toy and lengthening and expanding their games. That’s what researchers call “quality playtime”. The authors conclude that parents should pack away most of the toys and just rotate a small number regularly, to encourage children to become more creative and improve their attention spans.

And while some kids have natural organisational tendencies, others are “clutter blind.” But educational psychologist Jane M. Healy, author of “Your Child’s Growing Mind” explains that cleaning and organising a bedroom or playroom presents teachable moments for all children and for all ages. “There are wonderful opportunities to work on colour matching, classifying, and sorting,” she says. “For older kids, it can be planning ahead, having a goal, outlining the steps to get to that goal.”

The goal when you organise a playroom is to create a calming hub for creativity, inspiration, and imagination for children.

Here are our tips for such a stylish, organised and inspirational playroom.

organised playroom
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Involve your child in categorising and organising toys

That’s the only way for your child to know where everything goes and to be able to help put things away at the end of the day.

If you have more toys than space, it can also be a lesson in charity. Open up a worthwhile discussion about donating some of his less favourite items that he simply doesn't have room for, but that another child might like or need. Children as young as 4 can understand the concept very well. Let them help you define a “home” for each item they have decided to keep. Creating a workable order will engage and empower them, and give maintenance an incentive beyond “because I said so.” Establishing pride of place is an easy way to help your child take on the responsibility of cleaning up their room.

Decide where to place each category of toys

Some toys and crafts are just too messy or with too many parts to keep in arms reach at all times. Pulling the toys and crafts that need “parent supervision” to store up high and out of sight is a good idea. Take the time to think about which toys you want your children to be playing with and take back control. Encourage kids to play with toys that are age appropriate and great for their development. Make them accessible and low to the ground.

Encourage your child to play with only a few toys at a time

This can be achieved by creating rotation bins to get the most use out of all of your child's toys.

Have your child divide his toys into several different storage bins, and keep only one bin out at a time. When he starts to get bored with the toys he is playing with, put them away and bring out another bin. Your child will end up playing with all of his toys, and having only one bin out at a time will keep toy messes to a minimum.

Stylish toy storage boxes
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Choose the right containers

The right containers can be a game changer for moving toys around from space to space while maintaining order. Small lightweight bins make it easy to tote items around while making clean up easy. Get rid of bulky boxes and excess packaging by transferring toys, puzzles, and blocks into smaller, streamlined containers (net washing bags are a great way to store puzzles - don't forget to cut out the picture from the box so that your child has an image to work from when he uses it next).

Use kid-friendly labels

Pictures, brightly coloured tabs, and age-appropriate words will make it easy for your children to find exactly what they need. More importantly, it will serve as a guide to put toys away themselves.

Don’t forget to style the playroom for your own pleasure

Incorporating keepsakes into the playroom adds a personalised, stylish touch. Counterbalance the onslaught of plastic overload that comes with modern toy collections with timeless materials: wood blocks, interchangeable photo frames for kids’ art, favourite memorabilia from your own childhood ...

Consider hiring a professional

If you're feeling overwhelmed by playroom messes, don't hesitate to call in a professional. Remember that we, at Homefulness, can come up with creative solutions to create an organised and stylish playroom !