1. Why should I use Homefulness?
Homefulness offers fully customised solutions for each client.
We organise, purchase organisational solutions, implement and style these solutions ...
We do it all for you!
2. Who is Homefulness for?
Homefulness is for anyone who would like to feel better in her/his home and feel it lacks organisation. Our typical clients are those who do not want to spend their weekends cleaning out closets or getting their home in order. Especially if you are in a life transition, your time is precious (see a few examples of our interventions). No matter who you are, we are here to help make the space you have functional for the life you live... without forgetting style.
3. What kind of spaces does Homefulness organise?
Homefulness organises nearly ALL areas of the home. No space is out of the question. Homefulness can also assist small businesses whether they are operated from home or commercial premises.
4. What should I expect from a Homefulness session?
You can expect Homefulness to completely transform your space and leave you with a sustainable solution that you, or anyone in and out of your house, can maintain.
5. Do I need to be home during a Homefulness session?
NO ! That's why we're here ! You do not need to be home while we organise and implement but we will need to have an initial in-home consultation with you and need a few minutes of your time to do a walkthrough and introduce you to your newly organised space. During our intervention, we might need to contact you to get your approval on some elements (WhatsApp works magic !). Of course, if some decluttering is required, we will have to do it with you as we cannot make decisions regarding your possessions.
6. How long does an Homefulness session last?
It depends on what needs to be done ! The initial in-home consultation will help us understand your precise needs and start planning according to your space. It is not always possible however to give an accurate estimate and some projects may require more or less sessions/hours than initially thought. We will know how to make ourselves flexible and will always explain and advise in advance if more time is required.
7. Do I need to prepare anything before an Homefulness session?
No, you don't have to. Of course, if what you need us to organise requires some decluttering first, it's up to you if you want to it by yourself or with our help (we'll be happy to do so).
8. What geographical areas does Homefulness cover?
For now, we work in Central London and surrounding areas i.e. London zones 1-6 and within the County of Surrey. Working outside of these areas is subject to additional fees and travel expenses, but wherever you live, do not hesitate to contact us and we will figure out how we can help.
9. What are Homefulness rates?
Head over to the dedicated pages of our website where you will find all information regarding our prices, as well as our Terms & Conditions.
10. How do I book?
Click here to schedule an initial in-home consultation.
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