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Digital Wardrobe Organisers

1. Reconnect with your wardrobe

Be aware of everything you have.

Take it everywhere with you (even while shopping!).

2. Know where everything is

We will include the exact location of every single digitised item.

3. Have a wardrobe assistant at your fingertips

We have chosen to partner our digital wardrobe organisation services with Save Your Wardrobe, the best app on the market, which offers you an ecosystem of services (repair, dry clean, donate, shop ...) AND gives personal recommendations based on your lifestyle, calendar and weather.

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©Save Your Wardrobe

Homefulness will manage all the time-consuming process
of a first wardrobe digitisation

Our goal is for you to take full control of your wardrobe
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©Save Your Wardrobe

 What we do:

  1. Organise your wardrobe

  2. Use professional lighting equipment to photograph each item of your wardrobe

  3. Add the precise location of each item in your home

  4. Give you full control of your digital AND physical wardrobe

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Our interventions are flexible and designed for your specific needs.

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